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PostPosted: August 25, 2015 12:34    Post subject: Raid Team Information

Hey guys and girls,

Just wanted to inform you of some unnecessary and repetitive new and interesting.


Anyway... now that's taken care of, here is a small informative section about the raiding team.

  • Number of raids,

    • We are raiding three Two times a week

  • Raid Times (Server Time - GMT + 2:00),

    1. Thursday - 20:00 / 8:00 pm to 23:00 / 11:00 pm.

    2. Monday - 20:00 / 8:00 pm to 23:00 / 11:00 pm.

    • It is possible that raids will be extended (10 - 15 minutes) depending on the evenings progression.

  • Loot System

    • We are currently using a simple loot system - LUCK!

    • We are currently using EPGP.

  • Raid Preparation,

    • We will supply you with Savage Feasts during the raid. If you want to get some better food buffs it's on you.

    • Flasks and Potions will be partially supported by the guild (As there may be a limited amount available in the guild-bank), however it's your responsibility to make sure you have enough.

    • Augment Runes are not supplied by the guild, and if you wish to get a reliable source of these we recommend getting the Empowered Augment Rune.


  • Attendance

    • The suggested attendance for the raids are >80%, that means that you will be able to miss a few raids without it affecting your status on the team each month

    • If you will be absent for a while (e.g. vacation, travel or health issues), then please report this to the officers and remember to decline any raids on the calendar (we need to have a clear idea of who will be attending)

    • If you are below the suggested attendance for a while, it may become problem for the raid team, in which case an officer will contact you about it and further action may be taken depending on this conversation and your situation.

  • Trial Status

    • It usually lasts 2-3 raid weeks, but may be extended if we wish to have a closer look at you or if you are absent for a few raids during this period.

    • Loot Priority for trials is low, if any regular member needs an item they will usually get it before a trial.

    • At the end of the trial period you will either be accepted into the raid team as a regular member, offered a social in the guild or directly kicked from the guild. (This is a decision made entirely by the officers).

  • Progression Sit-out

    • During progression content we may have to "force" certain people to sit-out, e.g. people that repeatedly fail on tactics or perform below our expectations.

      • This is to make the "hard" content easier to progress, so instead of wiping an entire night we can get to the shiny purple drops. It is however not a mechanism that we use lightly.

      • This does not mean that if you don't want to raid you get a free pass for the night, we still require people to show up and participate, if we decide to do this to people they will be informed.

That's all folks!

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