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Topics for next Officer Meeting

Hey guys, if there's anything you would like to have us discuss on the next officer meeting that you think could improve how something works at the moment, then feel free to reply to this thread with whatever is on your mind.

It could for instance be something like this:

Example Topics:

  • Changing guild ranks
    • Tired of not having a certain rank in the guild, then bring it up
  • Changing guild rank permissions
    • Annoyed that you cannot see items in certain tabs in the guild bank, then say so
  • Raid Times
    • Would you like us to change the raid times, then tell us why


Basically, if you have a suggestion/comment on how Wall Rose (Officer, Raid Team, PvP Team) is doing things, tell us. I won't promise that we will change what you propose, but we will at least talk about it on the next meeting. So don't hold back, this is your chance to be heard if you have something you would like us to talk about. 

Just in case it's unclear, it will not mean that you yourself will participate in the officer meeting, just that we will talk about all the things that we ourselves can think of as well as the topics you would like brought up.

Spending so much time between pulls.

Focus on bosses, both progression bosses and farm bosses. (Today we spent 2hrs on "Farm" bosses?)

Ring usage. It feels atm we just pop the ring when ever because fcking hell.. its off cooldown boys! 2/13 dpsers have their cds up and half the raid cant even dps atm. But lets pop Ring :> 


Things I wanna say is very nice. AA is starting to look better and better. Glad we are using it and that leaders are doing a good job with it 

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