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As you are undoubtedly looking to apply for our seemingly sane guild if you got this far, there are a few things that you need to be informed of:

  1. We have a "semi-strict" requirement of you being 18(or higher) years of age to be able to join (both as social and raider). However exceptions can always be made depending on your personality - So go for it ;)
  2. The "official" language of the guild is English and all "official" information will be conveyed in this language, that doesn't mean you can't talk to members in your local language, e.g. the IKEA-tongue.
  3. We have a reliable TeamSpeak III Server that we use during social activities and raids.
    • As such, during raids you will need a working headset (or something equivalent) with a functioning microphone - We will need to hear your beautiful voice at least once during each raid.
  4. We are a fun and social bunch, but we are required to focus from time to time (most noticeably on raids), as such we require the same of new members (mostly for the raiders, the socials are crazy anyway).
  5. This website is used as the "official" site for information and new announcements will most often be posted here (at some point).


When applying for the guild it is important to remember a few things:

  1. You can choose to apply in two ways:
    1. Creating a common application from our carefully-put-together application form (Apply here).
    2. Creating a custom application using the Application Forum. (With this you are able to put your personal twist on the application and make it more appealing to look at).
  2. While you may believe that your application is the best, remember not all may agree, follow-up questions are commonplace and as such be sure to check the status of your application on the forum.
    • A new post will be created on the Application Forum no matter what way you apply - You will be able to edit this post if you forgot to add something (Just remember to "bump" the thread afterwards).
  3. While we do try to check the forum at a regular interval, it is still possible for us to miss your application, if so wait patiently and in worst-case try to contact one of the officers in-game about the lack of feedback.
  4. While we are processing your application remember to:

Keep Calm and Praise The Sun

We hope you will be able to make a great application and look forward to getting back to you ;)

(If you need to know anything about the raiding team, then feel free to check the post in the Public Forum).

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