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DECLINED - DECLINED App: Vhaelor - by Varlah

Hello Branko,


We had a little talk amoung the officer team regarding your application and we had to conclude that we cannot bring you to our raids in this current expansion because we are not doing lower mythic/heroics anymore.   That being said, we do value your application such that we want to offer you a trial spot, for the upcomming expansion, Legion. 

If you would like to join our guild as a Legion trial, feel free to contact me or any other officer ingame to get a guild invite.



Cheers :)

I would also like to point out that I take the time to learn fights and come prepared (naturally given my previous hardcore days). I wish I had returned to WoD earlier but such is life, sadly I only have 2-3 months left of this expansion before the next one goes live. What matters most to me right now is finding a stable home for the next expansion.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,




Naturally I felt I had to apply to a guild that named itself "Walrus". It's brilliant :D

Hello Branko,


First of all , thank you for your very detailled and informative application. The application looks solid and so does your pre WoD Experience, however your ilvl and WoD mythic experience is abit low, which you  explained in your application.

Me and the officers will have a quick talk about your application and we will come back to you a.s.a.p.





The application submitted by Vhaelor is as follows:

General Inquiries Tell us something about yourself and your interests (name, age, geographical locations, hobbies and such): Well hello there,
I'm Branko and I hail from Sweden (I know my name's not swedish, long story short -> came to Sweden as a refugee in the 90s from former Yugoslavia -> grew up here -> living now in my new homeland as an outstanding imported swede. Note please how I just made myself sound and look like a high quality dairy product)

Working here as a biomedical scientist at a hospital and y'know what we do in the people cancer......Not really a very interesting part of my life to talk about and a lot of it is classified work so I can't talk about it.

I work out a lot, 5-6 days a week. I love history, politics, religion (I just said I love "history, politics and history/politics"...). I also love Polandball, what can I say? ( Where did you hear about Wall Rose? (in-game or friends in the guild and so on): Read your post on the official forums in the PvE-recruitment section Why did you choose to apply for Wall Rose?: Two reasons:
A) I've only been a short while in the guild I'm currently in and there's literally only 2 people I've come in contact with and only 1 of them I've actually played with. I don't mind the guild at all, it's just that it feels bloody empty and I don't feel very welcome here other for those 2 people.
The guild has also had serious activity issues recently as it appears and the raids get cancelled one after another. I'm paying for a subscription that I feel I'm not even using.

B) Looking at your post on the official forums, you seem like a guild that I'm looking for. What will Wall Rose be able to expect from you?: Let's see.
Between the Burning Crusade and the end of Cataclysm I've been a hardcore raider in WoW, picking up a couple of Server First titles during Wrath of the Lich King when I was playing the most hardcore (maybe with the exception of The Sunwell days, that raid was tough as nails back in the day)

During Cataclysm (tier 12) the expansion started losing quite a bit of it's playerbase and the guild I was in at the time imploded because of unstable leadership. I was left homeless there and instead decided to focus much more hardcore on my marauder in StarWars: The Old Republic. I raided in SWTOR on my marauder in very good raiding guilds and saw more or less all of the hardcore content that the game had to offer when the content was current. During this time I also became for a period the 4th best marauder (DPS output-wise) in the world last january. Suffice to say my guild at the time for whom I was also an officer and raidleader of our Hardcore team - imploded due to Bioware's neverending incompetence and their incomprehensible ability to screw up their own game (introducing new bugs where none existed before, gamebreaking such, and then taking weeks or months to "fix" them).

This was in mid-january of this year. Two weeks ago I decided to come back after a year long hiatus from WoD (I started playing WoW again when WoD released and stopped playing when BRF/Highmaul was actual content).

I do my best to excel at my class and spec, I've always played a retribution paladin and I aim to continue to do so. I am a dedicated raider and a very good DPS, and if I'm not - I sit down and do what it takes to become one. What do you expect from Wall Rose?: A) A fun community to be around, it's important :)
b) A solid raiding experience where people can be trusted to do their tasks without the officers/raid leaders having to shout people into order.
C) nothing else.

This is nothing that I do not expect of myself, I'm used to a hardcore attitude and it's the way I've always rolled. What character are you looking to apply with?: My retribution paladin of old. My one and only character :) Please provide an armory link to your character described above: What position in the guild are you interested in?: Raider PvP Inquries (Required for PvP Applicants) Raid Inquiries (Required for Raid Applicants) Which role do you look to fulfill in raids?: Damage Dealer What is your experience in PvE content? (Dungeons and Raids): Burning Crusade: Cleared all content up 'til Felmyst in Sunwell.
Wrath of the Lich King: Cleared all content in the game. Grabbed the Death's Demise and Grand Crusader titles from the server first achievements. Also got the Algalon fight in Ulduar down - something very few people did when it was actual content.
Catclysm: Cleared everything when it was actual content (that I can remember, it's been a few years). Though my hardcore days were winding down here.
Mists of Pandaria: Skipped this atrocity for obvious reasons.
WoD: As I can recall my previous guild more or less cleared BRF and HM on heroic, and then I simply did not have time to both raid hardcore in SWTOR and WoW, I opted for raiding in SWTOR and quit WoW about a year ago.
Since I've come back I've done all the fights in HFC hc once and a couple of times in LFR - though other than that my raiding experience ends there.

I have also cleared all dungeons on hc and mythic mode (can't really think of one if I've missed one). How is your insight into your class and your specs in regard to PvE content?: Well the retribution paladin has done well for itself since Wrath of the Lich King. In the current tier of content it has the potential to be among the top 3 DPS in the right hands on the meters so rets ought to be happy with their current place. And if you're unable to pull those numbers that you're supposed to...well as the Dark Souls community says: git gud :) How is your insight into the current PvE content?: Not the worst raid tier, not the best. It certainly isn't as good as The Sunwell or Ulduar. It certainly isn't as bad as Naxx (tier 7 version) or Tier 9 (Trial of the Crusader). It does feel like chewed through and spit out content since we've already played this expansion. *cough Burning Crusade cough* Please tell us about your previous raid experience.: Think I managed to do that in a previous segment just recently ^ Additional Inquiries Is there any of the requirements and topics discussed in the "Information for Applicants" thread on the Application Forum, that you have any problems with or inability to fulfill? Then please state which and explain why.: No objections Is there any of the requirements and topics discussed in the "Raid Team Information" thread on the Public Discussion Forum, that you have any problems with or inability to fulfill? Then please state which and explain why.: No objections If there is anything you would like to say, that hasn't already been said then feel free to do so now ;): I realize that my character could be better optimized and is not fully upgraded - having recently returned to the game it takes a bit of time until everything's in order.

For instance:
a) need more valor pts to upgrade those heroic pieces I still need to upgrade
b) need to finish the legendary ring quest line (top priority for me)

All things I'm working on. I usually tend to flesh my applications out a bit further but as I'm writing this I am bloody tired and exhausted after a long day's work - I apologize if segments of my application seem confusing. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me :)

I'm always open to suggestions and feedback both for myself as a player and my character/build.
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