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DECLINED - App: Foster - by Razalí

he lies i does not know this man!...ok mabye i have done a dungeon on 5 with him :)


but yeah he seems like a cool guy

The application submitted by user_7901 is as follows:

General Inquiries Tell us something about yourself and your interests (name, age, geographical locations, hobbies and such): I'm student from sweden, 24 years of age. I like going to the gym and like working on applied mathematics in my free time, if I ever get the time for it, or find an interesting subject to look at. Mostly statistics and AI, sometimes both.
Where did you hear about Wall Rose? (in-game or friends in the guild and so on): I was told to say 'Lars sent me'
Why did you choose to apply for Wall Rose?: Recommended from said Lars.
What will Wall Rose be able to expect from you?: Nothing, I'm purely social. I can help you with your math/programming homework probably.
What do you expect from Wall Rose?: Just some nice green text in my day-to-day wowing, maybe some casual(read: real casual) free time raiding.
What character are you looking to apply with?: Enhancement shaman, Foster.
Please provide an armory link to your character described above:
What position in the guild are you interested in?: Social
What is your experience in PvP content? (Arena and RBG): None. Pretty shit at pvp.
What is your Item level? (Before and during PvP combat): 670 something
How is your insight into your class and your specs in regard to PvP content?: None really.
Raid Inquiries (Required for Raid Applicants) Additional Inquiries Is there any of the requirements and topics discussed in the "Information for Applicants" thread on the Application Forum, that you have any problems with or inability to fulfill? Then please state which and explain why.: Nah
If there is anything you would like to say, that hasn't already been said then feel free to do so now ;): [triggerwarning] I own a macbook and I'm not ashamed
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