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APPROVED - App: clank89 - by Mikotto

Hi there... Cheese,


Thank you for you application at Wall Rose. We will have a talk with the officer team and we will come back to you with an answer asap.



The application submitted by clank89 is as follows:

General Inquiries

Tell us something about yourself and your interests (name, age, geographical locations, hobbies and such):
My name is something I would rather not divulge, know..."Internet".But you can call me Cheese....Stuck as my nickname due to my Priest's name in-game being Cheesebane.As for hobbies I enjoy swimming,gaming and sexual intercourse.Who doesnt?!

Where did you hear about Wall Rose? (in-game or friends in the guild and so on):
I didnt hear about Wall Rose from anyone tbh...I searched in Guildprogress for guilds to apply based on my specs....Since I want to dps as an elemental Shaman I saw that you were looking for one so here I am :)

Why did you choose to apply for Wall Rose?:
In all honesty I was playing too much as a healer during the WoD expansion and I got tired of it.When I saw that Wall Rose was looking for an Elemental DPS,I thought that this would be my chance to actually try to do something different for a change Happy.

What will Wall Rose be able to expect from you?:
Dedication to the maximum when it comes to raiding.
Inability to make good puns hurt ppl...a lot....
and generally the attitude and skillset of a guy who has played for quite a long time and made it to the top (Ilv-wise) on his own.

What do you expect from Wall Rose?:
A funny but understanding environment.If I have some issues in RL (eg),I expect ppl to understand my priority to resolve the matter first,then focus on gaming.And also being polite.I have a good sense of humor....but not all the profession requires me to be overly serious....(also the fact that there are a lot of idiots in this world who need to be put in their place Happy )

What character are you looking to apply with?:
I have an Elemental/Resto Shaman ready for mythic raiding HFC.That's all :)

Please provide an armory link to your character described above:

What position in the guild are you interested in?:

Raid Inquiries (Required for Raid Applicants)

Which role do you look to fulfill in raids?:
Damage Dealer

What is your experience in PvE content? (Dungeons and Raids):
Used to raid end content in MoP and I have reached 10/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel

How is your insight into your class and your specs in regard to PvE content?:
I started out shamaning in MoP.I know what I bring in the raid.I am trying out different builds depending on the situation.I just need 1 trinket to finish my build.

How is your insight into the current PvE content?:
Mechanics x3, Tactics x 5, Gear x2.
This is how I measure the current content.Do the tactics.Avoid one-shot mechanics.Gear is important but not that much.As long as you focus on your role the boss will die....eventually :)

Please tell us about your previous raid experience.:
Was in a mythic raiding guild and did quite nicely if I may say so.Other than this I havent had a lot of raiding exp.I began full-time raiding in MoP and continued in WoD.During other expansions I didnt try to raid tbh.

Additional Inquiries

Is there any of the requirements and topics discussed in the "Information for Applicants" thread on the Application Forum, that you have any problems with or inability to fulfill? Then please state which and explain why.:
I think the application had all the info needed Happy.I am a smart guy.I know how things work with applying to a guild :)

If there is anything you would like to say, that hasn't already been said then feel free to do so now ;):
If you wish to contact me for anything,please send me an ingame message or add my battletag Saisso#2279. :)

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