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Approved - App: Lininet - by Varlah

Good afternoon!

We have decided to offer you a trial! You will probably need to play WW as the monk healer spot is already filled. So I hope that will not cause an issue.

Please add me on bnet and poke for an invite; novayne#2739



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Thank you for your application. It was well written and fun to read I will poke the officers and hope to get back to you as soon as possible :). 

Before I even begin let me express that I´m interested in raiding spot for legion.

Ok let´s kick this out with some monk music

Jan Dudic, 22, Ireland, male, single, I´m a shift manager at McDonald´s working roughly 35 - 40 hours per week.
At my curent state I live up my dream of having a job that i consider fun, that doesn´t take my whole day and have exceptional emploee service. And after I finish my job in meaningful time i get back to my own room in house where nobody ever bother me and have plenty of hours for playing my favorite games with people i like. And on top of that I manage to save couple of hundred euros monthly!
What more could I ask for? Well girlfriend might be interesting but that item is not so easy to get :D
What elsee i do apart from games? Well I watch a lot of anime, draw, model and animate things in Maya and make videos of guild kills. And I plan on taking a japaness course. And from time to time I come with a random idea to make a trip to random European city. But I think i´ll put that on hold for some time and save for Asia.

How to find me? Well Linaril#1248 might be useful. Apart from that Uncle Google knows about me more things then are pleasant :D Just type in "Linaril" and first two pages not related to drugs is all me.

Linaril of Twisting Nether / Lilinet of Sylvanas, both monks, both main spec mistweavers, both offspec whaever I´m asked to. I just like haveing my "character" play both horde and alliance so I use two characters.
Would I offcpec if needed? Definitely! But it will always stay an off spec for me.

I hope you have music still playing. As this one is going to be a bit longer. My WoW raiding experience.
So the very beginning are brief. I started playing WoW 31.5.2007 on private server and enjoyed raiding there. I switch to official server half way through Firelands and spend remaining of cata trying to dig from depths of being considered new player as 4 years of raiding at private servers accounted for totaly nothing. Problems like "Link achievement that you completed raid so that we will allow you to actually enter that raid for the first time" and "We have hard times killing second boss on easiest difficulty but we will not take you into guild because you don´t have enough experience" and other nonsences like that (and here players go wondering why LFR exist).
Come MoP I found myself a decent guild however I was already way too fed up with community + my class that I played for years (holy paladin) no longer seemed any fun to me so after finishing MSW normal I left WoW.
I returned midway through 5.2. and tried Monk. And OMFG my life changed so much. I adore this class, it´s playstyle, weaknesses and strengths, lore, idealogy... everything. Rest of ToT went in leveling guild with somewhat competent raiding team so we killed Lei Shen normal before SoO. For raidgroup that needed to take multiple breaks because someone needed to put their kids to sleep fairly decent.
In 5.4. I joined serious heroic guild and we scored 10/14 Hc by January. There our main tank left because his wife had baby on it´s way so the progress halted. Being unable to find anyone decent we somehow managed to kill Thock but Siegecrafter was a guildkiller and after way too many wipes we disbanded.
SoO took forever but eventually WoD came and I had monk healer with 630 gear ready to raid on both sides. I started Highmaul in two guilds, one alliance on Sylvanas and one horde on Twisting Nether both having same skilled players and history. After couple of kills it was clear that horde guild have way better organization + healing team had some really cool personalities so I shifted to horde side and focused fully on development of that character. We finished 4/7M before BRF came. When it comes to enjoying the game, class, ppl I play with Highmaul was definitely the best part of my life in WoW.
In BRF most of my old healing team left for better guilds and were replaced with new one which wasn´t all that nice to spend time with. But still, we ended up 7/10M before HFC.
Progression of new tier was going smoothly, we reached Archimonde hc only 2 weeks after mythic opened. When it comes to progress raiding I consider this my best timess in WoW.
However before my guild actually killed him one week later I had to leave WoW as my previous employee started making unreasonable demands to my working schedule and back there I just needed to save money to get to Ireland. By the time i managed to settle down in my new country my gear was way too old. I decided to wait for Legion and in meantime played some other games (Black Desert) or did stuff like endless healing (wave 48, you can find it on my youtube channel) and ironman monk.

Now your guild page on WoWProgress say that you raid
Thursday 20.00-23.00
Monday 20.00-23.00.
As I have a position of morning manager in my restaurants I don´t expect to miss a lot of them. Ocasionaly I might be pull out but that goes more towards Friday and Saturday when we are most busy. In any case I can assure you I will know about it at least week ahead.

My opinion on raid loot? Well a lot of guild ask this as if they were about to change their rules based on new aplikats opinion. Not sure if you care since this is non-teplate application but here it goes:
I don´t care. What I do care about is my spot in raid, so if lootsystem in raid is designed in a way that favor a specific group of players above me I don´t like it. If it´s at least a bit fair, I don´t care.

As previous text suggested I found you on WoWProgress. Why do I try to get myself in here even when your page does not say you recruit healers?
Well I wanna return to aliance side for this expansion and since I already have 100 monk on Sylvanas I started to look for a guild here.
Your progress times seems to be capable but not overly hardcore.
Your text on WoWProgress is not arogant. (Disgusting amount of guilds that took 3-4 month to kill Archimonde hc have things like "We are top profesionals for only most dedicated and most skilled players out there, go away noobs").
The couple of people I whispered all replied politely and pointed in direction I wanted (was trying to find out who is officer and if you are recruting a healer).

And why you should let me in? BECAUSE YOU DON´T HAVE GUILD KILLS VIDEOS...:)
As a player and as a person I can bring to team two major traits:
"Always do your job first so that other can do their job first" What that looks like in WoW? Well I always make sure to communicate with healing officer / raid leader what is my part in the fight and then put fist priority to make sure I fulfill that part. You need a dispell mechanic asap? You can count on me. Do you need a specific cd at right time? It will be there. Do you need specific person to stay alive no matter what? It will not die before i do.
"The analyst personality" Have I died? Check logs why and make sure it will not happen again. Have some1 else died? Make sure to check his log and think what could I as healer do to keep him alive. Have any1 failed mechanic? gain give yourself a question what you could I do to help him with it. Is new boss coming? Make sure to understand every single ability, timing, proper values and relative power of each talent for specific fight.

Any chance the music still playing? Well I think I put up quite some reading for you. Hopefully It´s not in vain. And no I don´t know anyone currently in the guild. At least i think so :)

Thanks for your time.

Jan Linaril Dudic


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