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DECLINED - App: Joggythebear - by Varlah

Good evening,


Sorry for the lengthy time to get back to you. Unfortunately we cannot offer you  a position in the guild due to our roster being just about complete. Thank you for your interest in joining, and all the best in finding a guild!



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Hello there.

Thank you for your application. We will get back to you shortly.


[21:38:19] [R] [100:Tangéla:1]: healers can't reach you
[21:38:26] [R] [100:Danjeros:3]: healers can move

The application submitted by Joggythebear is as follows:

General Inquiries

Tell us something about yourself and your interests (name, age, geographical locations, hobbies and such):
My name is Tino I am 22 and i come from Macedonia. I've been gaming on the PC for a long time and aside from that I really like extream sports like mountain biking or snowboarding.

Where did you hear about Wall Rose? (in-game or friends in the guild and so on):
I've heard from Zee

Why did you choose to apply for Wall Rose?:
Because it seems like quite a solid guild and plus Zee and some people are there as well.

What will Wall Rose be able to expect from you?:
You can expect calm and funny guy who is ready to give 110% in the game

What do you expect from Wall Rose?:
I expect to have great atmosphere and raiding experience in legion and to meet more awesome people

What character are you looking to apply with?:
This one is tricky because I don't really have a character on that realm at the moment and I am planning to level up one pretty soon. For class I am still thinking about 3 which are (mage/lock/shammy). I will give a link from my latest char (haven't played it for a long time).

Please provide an armory link to your character described above:

What position in the guild are you interested in?:

Raid Inquiries (Required for Raid Applicants)

Which role do you look to fulfill in raids?:
Damage Dealer

What is your experience in PvE content? (Dungeons and Raids):
I've been playing since vanilla with the exception of MoP. Have been playing every role and sometime fully clearing the contents before nerfs.

How is your insight into your class and your specs in regard to PvE content?:
For shammy I can say I know most of the stuff. As for the classes specified above I will step up on it as soon as I pick my class. I am kinda a theorycrafter so it will be an easy task.

How is your insight into the current PvE content?:
Cleared 12/13 heroic and I had some real life stuff so I had to quit the game before reaching mythic.

Please tell us about your previous raid experience.:
I was raiding with Zee so I can say it was an awesome experience.

Additional Inquiries

Is there any of the requirements and topics discussed in the "Information for Applicants" thread on the Application Forum, that you have any problems with or inability to fulfill? Then please state which and explain why.:

If there is anything you would like to say, that hasn't already been said then feel free to do so now ;):
Nope everything is cool !

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